In order to achieve higher growth rate every organization has to nourish social, economical and global environment in which it intends to operate. Western Group is also no exception to that!. We are committed to integrate the environmental, social and ethical principles into our business which is central to improving the quality of life of the communities we serve locally and globally and enhancing long term relationship with all the stakeholders.

Our Principles

  • Follow sustainability considerations into business decisions with aim of maximizing the opportunities and minimizing the threats.
  • Clean Governance and highest level of transparency.
  • Contribute to society's equitable and inclusive growth.
  • Provide employees with clean, safe, healthy and fair working environment.

Nature's Health!!

As a chemical manufacturer, we understand our responsibility towards the natural habitat. We have invested significantly into the protection of environment. We are proud followers of Zero Pollution Policy regarding the air, water and soil pollution in our environment.

Steps towards Zero Pollution Policy-
  • Pioneer in establishing Zero Liquid Discharge Plant.
  • "Giving Back More than We Take"- Complete Rain Water Harvesting.
  • Optimum use of resources in order to minimize the wastage.
  • Compliance with all the laws and regulations enacted so far.